Von Won ft. 5ive & Bryann Trejo "I Am Free"

Writers: Vaughaligan Walwyn, Craig James, Bryann Trejo



You could never feel the way I feel inside

If you've never experience what I've seen in life

For nights I was sleepless having no peace of mind

I prayed the pain would leave

I fought to heal my future cause I needed change

My past was controlling, it covered me in chains

But since I shook my problems loose in Jesus name

I know that I am free


Verse 1 (5ive)

I hear a lot of people talking bout their Christian liberty

But I could never be that dude that be sinning deliberately

Jesus came and delivered me and instantly your boy was healed

I got saved at an altar, you can't tell me that ain't real

You can't tell me how I feel if you ain't seen through my eyes

So many nights I sat and cried hoping to God I would die

No lie, I used to conversate with Satan on a daily

And fellowship with demons who had orders to come and slay me

It's crazy and maybe hard to believe but we don't battle against flesh and blood

But with powers and principalities so please miss me with all that self righteous talk

I ain't self righteous I just believe in a righteous walk

It ain't my fault that God allowed me to see the enemy's tactics

That's why drinking smoking and cussing are things I will not practice

Going backwards is something that I just can't do

I'm free and by his grace I been made brand new




Verse 2 (Von Won)

Everybody needs freedom It's where you wanna be

Just let your problems go, walk on a narrow road

This what our father said, He wanna give you rest

Child leave your pain behind, just seek and you will find

No more broken promises I know that you been hurt

But if you change your ways and put your faith in his word

He will make your crooked ways straight

Give you strength to overcome your fears and maintain

Christ is the only one who can release your chains

He loves every prodigal child addicted and runaway

No fault is too large for my God forgiveness is all it takes

He bled and died for the sinner that's grace




Verse 3 (Bryann Trejo)

Hey I step up on the block with my brother sing and pray about

Baptized Holy ghost fresher than some baby powder

That's why I got out the streets I don't want no weed around

I don't want my brain all cloudy walking lazy daily doubting

I bring my bible with my why cause I feel lame without it

I get to preaching now all of em wish I came without

I show em love I throw the duece like see you later

When all of us start hurting guess who they come to for prayer

Love em like a brother do, pick em up we need to talk

Live can start to trouble you but the love of Christ can clean you off 

Streets ain't got no love for you boy you belong where Jesus at

Pearly gate I'll meet you at, paradise I'll see you at

Early morning church service pastor speaking truth to them

Always bring good news to them including and recruiting them

Satan probably mad right now like what I'm fixing to do with it

Me and mine rebuking it man the love of Christ because I'm through with sin